Thursday, March 25, 2010

A recap

Drink less- CHECK
Exercise more
Loss 40kg’s
Gain a husband
Get a car
Move out- CHECK
Quit my job
Start my own events company
Do a course in catering and introduction to professional cooking
Go on holiday to Cape Town
Eat at Maze
Meet Gordon Ramsey
Get a tan
Live happily ever after...
.. O ja, and see Twilight... everyone’s been going on about it.- CHECK

OK so its the end of march and I've achieved three of my goals for 2010. I passed my events management course and moved into my own place. I watched Twilight and New Moon and read all the books, now I'm waiting for Eclipse to come out, I got totally addicted... I've been informed that I'll be getting a promotion at work and that my boss is thinking of sending me on a real chefs course so that will be another goal achieved then.

watch this space, the big ones are still up for grabs

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

why do i always want to jump the gun?

I have this problem, i don't like waiting, for anything. I'm very impatient. i watched all 4 seasons of prison break before season on finished airing on SA TV. this past weekend i watched the first 10 episodes of Grey's anatomy season 6 in one sitting. Season 6 only started airing last night. so now, for the next 9 weeks I'll have nothing to do. i missed most of the previous 5 seasons but a friend has a box set so it seems as if I'll be keeping myself busy with that till season 6 episode 11.

Monday, January 11, 2010

what am i doing wrong?

I've been house hunting. in a couple of months time I'm turning 31. that means the wrong side of most years. my teens is filed under golden oldies my early twenties under classics and last year i bought my very first pier of reading glassed, you know, the kind the drugstore sells. I've got an ongoing battle with a gray hair and my anti wrinkle cream seems to make the crows feet around my eyes only worse. so I'm moving on in years, i get that. but. and there always is. at 20 i thought by 30 I'd be married with at leste two children and a successfully music store. at 25 i thought I'd at least be married by 30. at 29 i thought I'd at least be moved into my own place by 30. at 30 i bought a motorbike to compensate for the lack of my own place, husband, children and music store... so now a year lated I'm getting on with it... thus far all searches have been in vain. nothing in my price range. so momzy and the chef decided they'd turn the work room into a bedsitter for me... yeah my own place two and a half feet away from my parents... should i jump for joy or jump of a bridge, can't decide... how come other people less intelligent the i can manage to get there own place and even a spouse and i can't? i pride myself in the fact thet I've over come my disabilities... to an extent... and that I'm smarter then the majority of people i know, but i can't seem to cut this whole life thing...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

THE GPs ARE LEAVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every year the city folk flock to our town like geese flying south for the winter… or in their case north for the summer. For the rest of our little town it’s the best time of the year, business booms hot young things running around… to me it’s a different story… big SUVs and sports cars driving like they want, parking how and where they want and generally taking up our space, the cues at the check out points, and our money at the ATMs everywhere. I can’t stand it. I work in the service industry and our locals know how to treat us they know how to speak and how to act and all-round just have better manners. The GPs are pushy, rude, and annoying.
But the day has come. At last. After a month and a half of pure torture. The day has come.

If a picture pants a thousand words I only need four.


Friday, January 1, 2010

The nerve of some people!!!

Let me start out by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
So we had the whole new years bash last night and it was great fun. I learned two lessons. 1. never party with people half your age- it Will only make you feel double your age the next morning... 2. don't ever trust a man with only one leg!!!

about a month and a half ago my posy and i went clubbing. CLUBBING- GETTING PICKED UP AT EIGHT, DRIVE A KILOMETER AND A HALF TO THE MOTEL PUB, SIT AT THE BAR AL NIGHT SIPPING SO CO AND LIME ON THE ROX, DANCE OCCASIONALLY AND CHATTING UP THE DEACON OF THE DUTCH REFORMED CHURCH AND GETTING HOME EARLY ENOUGH TO WATCH THE LATE SHOW WITH... ON DSTV. Back to the story. so we went clubbing, this guy started chatting me up a bit, well at least i think that's what he was trying. bought me a couple of drinks and so on and so on... last night upon our arrival same guy was siting outside the pub on the bench we greeted each outer and after getting our drinks we joined him. a while later my lesbian friend and DJ at the pub joined us. this guy stated chatting her up. now, i would hope momzy raised me correctly but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do... to get a drink in this dingy gin joint. i was hoping he would be our main supplier for the night. things went a little down hill from there. these three birds turned up with the guys 5 and 4 year old kids. and before i knew what was going on my friend and i ended up babysitting his snot nosed brats while he was buying drinks for all but me. now, I'm no fool and i know when to hold'em and i know when to fold and i know when to walk away and i know when to run and that's exactly what i did i ditched the guy and his brats and i headed for the bar about an hour later the arse comes looking for me wanting to know why i ditched him... what i wanted to do was slap him silly but he only had one leg so instead i smiled gave him a very weak excuse and continued chatting up the DEACON OF THE DUTCH REFORMED CHURCH...
now i can tell you about the rest of the night but I'm not and you know why? cause i can...