Saturday, August 22, 2009

Girls nite in

Decided to have a girl’s night in. On the menu, smarties, jelly tots and three chick flicks. The classic- Dirty Dancing, essential His Just Not That into You and of course, The Dukes of Hazzard.

Dirty Dancing is the Twilight or High school musical of the nineties. Almost Twenty years later and I still get that same feeling with opening credits I got the first 564 times I’ve seen it before.

We were in our early teens and like Baby said, it was the summer of love… well not yet, that would follow in a few years time… but sitting in my friends living room it felt like we were on that mountain. Patrick Swayze was so dreamy and Jennifer Gray so beautiful we all wanted to be her, from Big Girls don’t cry to I Had the time of my life every song every word, we knew it from front to back. And watching it tonight I felt 13 again.

There are only a few movies that make any grown women feel 13 again. For me it’s Dirty Dancing for Momzy I think its Bridget Jones’s diary. Well I don’t think it makes her feel 13 again, I think it makes her feel 30. I wonder what movie will make me feel 30 again when I’m 54… and I wonder what movie makes Momzy feel 13? Perhaps the ten commandments… hie hie… now, I haven’t seen High School Musical yet, thankfully, but I don’t think in 17 years time these 13 year olds are going to rent it and think back how hot Zach Efron was or how that last song made them feel… that’s it Grease, Grease is the Dirty dancing of the 70’s was Grease made in the 70’s? I don’t know, think so… but in the 70’s Momzy was early 20’s not teens….

So my question is, what movie, al time great, is you’re dirty dancing…

For those born after 1990, do yourself a favour, go rent it and get an education.
For those single 20 or 30 something fabulous girls out there, do yourself a favour, DON’T READ OR RENT HIS JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU… not if you’re still interested in getting married, great book and wonderfully movie, both made me cry but be warned, IT SCREWS WITH YA HEAD!!!… it’s not a users manual, its just for entertainment purpose only... but maybe sometimes we should take Alex’s advice, and maybe sometimes we should just ignore it and take a chance on love and if all else fails, Rent Dukes of Hazzard, Jonny Knoxville is so hot, in that case, rent Jackass… and have ya self a great girls night in…

Friday, August 21, 2009

dinner is served

On the menu tonight, mince and noodles, or if you want to sound fancy, italian style pasta with fresh bushfeld ground beef...

what do we need?
500g fresh ground beef
1cup italian style pasta shells
1/2 tsp ground garlic
1 medium onion
1 can tomato and onion mix
2 tbl tomato paste
50g butter
1/2 cup cake flour
1-2 cups milk
2 cups cheese
salt and pepper
italian herbs
1. boil pasta
2. sauty onion and garlic
3. add ground beef
4. add tomato paste and tomato & onion mix season with salt and herbs0
5. make a basic white sauce with the butter, flour andmilk
the way your mother taught you.
6. then layer the pasta, meat and white sauce in a oven safe dish
top with cheese and bake till cheeses has melted
7. serve
easy as pie, well actually not, pie is a little more complecated.
try it and tell me how it comes out.