Saturday, February 28, 2009


About 8 years ago I went to visit my sister and cousin in Sun City, the Vegas of South Africa, I met a guy there and we stared dating. About 4 months into this relationship, my very first I must mention, I moved in with him and we lived together for about six months.

He was a lifeguard at the waterpark and I worked in a music shop. Life was grand; we were young, in love and free. Then the shop closed down and I had to moved back home. At first things worked out fine, but then about two months after I’d left, he met someone else, so naturally we broke up, I eventually got over him and in the next few years didn’t give much thought to the whole thing or him.

Then about a month ago I logged on to check my emails. And there it was, the name pounced from out the screen. For a few minutes I just sat there looking at the screen, his name being etched into my mind. I couldn’t believe it. This is how the little boy in that move must have felt like when he said ‘I see dead people’. I clicked on the message and it opened. One single sentence:

Hey it mat here give me a call sum time

And his number.
WHAAAAAAAT!!!! Could this be? The guy, who broke my heart, hasn’t spoken to me in almost a decade and now he wants me to call him. You must be joking, I thought. So I did the one thing I could think of….

…I called him. We chatted for a long while. He told me how he tried finding me a few times, every time coming up short. Why was he trying to get hold of me? Did he miss me? He was thinking about me. So it was decided that he would come and visit… it would have been fine if I actually got a chance to sit and visit with him. My dad needed help repairing the roof and my sister, whom was also visiting for the weekend, kept him occupied the rest of the time. This was just not working out for me.

About a week later I got a message saying that he hoped we could get a chance to catch up. We planned another visit for this weekend, but early in last week I got a message saying that he had to work this weekend, no worries, I’d go and visit him. His reply was this:

That’s cool but I have met someone we are dating if that’s cool.


What’s that suppose to mean? Is it cool with me that his new love would be hanging around when I go visit him? I don’t know, shouldn’t he ask her that? Is it cool if my ex comes and visits me for the weekend hon? I can just imagine her reply. Or does he want to know if its cool with that his met someone and almost broke my heart again? Let’s think about that one for a bit…

me on kissing

My first kiss was at age 19. Yes, that's correct, I said 19. It was the very cute brother of a friend. But if I look back on it now, I don't know why I didn't try it sooner.

Kissing must be one of the all time greatest things I have ever tried. I just wish I could do it more often. But back to my first snogg.

It was a lovely spring day in Randburg, Gauteng, RSA. The 21st of September 1998. I had just come back from a visit back home when my friend called me over. We had a delightful day at her house, watching movies, listening to music. Round noon her brother, a model at the time, rocked up, OMG!! WHAT A HOTTY! We'd met briefly at a church function. All the girls were crazy for him. Me being a little wallflower myself didn't think he'd even remember me.

My friend took a call and while she was busy, I went to sit on the patio. A while later, the brother joined me. We casually started chatting and the next thing I knew, his tongue was in my mouth. WHAT THE HELL!!!! Was my initial reaction but after a bit of tongue twister I kinda got in to it. This wasn't so bad, I just had to stop thinking about his saliva in my mouth and when I got that out of the way it actually got enjoyable and easy. Needless to say, soon after he got into a huge fight with is mom and our paths never crossed again, he moved to his gran, my year at the college was up and i moved back north. I can't say that I really miss him but i do think fondly back on that day. I'll always be grateful to him for teaching me the art of snogging. And what a good teacher he was!