Thursday, March 25, 2010

A recap

Drink less- CHECK
Exercise more
Loss 40kg’s
Gain a husband
Get a car
Move out- CHECK
Quit my job
Start my own events company
Do a course in catering and introduction to professional cooking
Go on holiday to Cape Town
Eat at Maze
Meet Gordon Ramsey
Get a tan
Live happily ever after...
.. O ja, and see Twilight... everyone’s been going on about it.- CHECK

OK so its the end of march and I've achieved three of my goals for 2010. I passed my events management course and moved into my own place. I watched Twilight and New Moon and read all the books, now I'm waiting for Eclipse to come out, I got totally addicted... I've been informed that I'll be getting a promotion at work and that my boss is thinking of sending me on a real chefs course so that will be another goal achieved then.

watch this space, the big ones are still up for grabs

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